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An entire floor dedicated to the health and personal care. Sauna, turkish bath, 2 hot tubs and heated massage service and aesthetics at your disposal, for a total wellness! Wellness Area is available to all Hotel Duchi della Rovere's guests, but also to those who just want to take care of for a few hours, to give you a unique experience of relaxation and wellness and a great way to start your holiday.

Gym - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia


Stay in shape during your stay in Senigallia thanks to the Gym and to the Fitness Area at your disposal.

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The treatment starts with dry air bath at 80 ° C for about 10-15 min. and subsequently a steam bath for 10-15 min. obtained by throwing water on the hot stones. The Sauna has great benefits on our mental and physical wellbeing producing the acceleration of metabolism, vasodilatation and the expulsion of toxins through sweat. At the end of treatment, a cold shower is performed to bring the body temperature at the right grade.

Sauna - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia
Turkish bath - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia

Turkish bath

It consists in a wet steam bath. The temperature varies between 40 and 60 ° C. You enter wet for a maximum of 15 minutes . Promotes movement, facilitates a deep clean and skin purification. It has a tonic effect, relaxing and contrasts states of insomnia.

Emotional shower

Associated with the benefits of Sauna and Turkish Bath , this practice, using the positive energy of water along with colors and aromas, makes the time of the shower regenerating. The Color Therapy associated with the jet of water, contributes to remove Anxiety and Stress, purifying Mind and Psyche . The skin, thanks to the different jets of water, becomes soft and elastic.

Emotional shower - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia
Relaxation area with tea - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia

Relaxation area with tea

Decompress and throw away stress produced by work and daily routine concentrating only on YOU. Sit down with a refreshing herbal tea in one of our chairs and enjoy the spectacle of a sunset over the sea , in a serene environment and naturally flavored ambience.


Relieve stored tension and find the right balance between body and mind, accelerate and normalize lymphatic circulation, increase the cellular regeneration and tissue or simply relax under the skilled hands of our expert masseurs.

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Massage - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia
Beauty treatments - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia

Beauty treatments

Our operators will take care of you and make your holiday (and not only! :-)) still most beautiful ! Ask at the reception available treatments and latest one introduced.

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The beneficial effect of hydromassage is well established. Let yourself to be pampered by one of our 4 seats Hot Tub watching the beautiful surrounding panorama from our terrace on the 5th floor.

Hydromassage - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia
Pool and Solarium - Hotel Duchi Della Rovere Senigallia

Pool and Solarium

A wonderful pool right on the roof of our Hotel at your disposal. A fantastic 360 ° panoramic terrace from which you can see the Sea, the Historical Center, the hills of our hinterland or simply to accompany you during the sunset, drinking a cocktail with friends or family, in total safety. The pool is very close to Wellness Center and what could be better than a dip after a sauna or Turkish bath?

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Suggestion: Hotel is close to the center and the sea and is very popular. Avoid the risk of no place. Look at the prices and book now!

Close to the sea and the historical center of Senigallia

To enjoy the best experience of stay in Senigallia: Sea, beach, restaurants, clubs and shows: you can walk to everything!
For business or pleasure, you will be in the heart of the city!


Duchi della Rovere Hotel

Convenient, not far from the center of Senigallia and the sea, with garage and ample public parking very close, free bicycle hire service to take you around the city or waterfront. adjacent park with lots of green. Also ideal for those traveling by train: you can reach the hotel on foot!

The 4-star hotel in the center of Senigallia

For vacations, business, events and meetings with catering, rewarded by with 8,3 scores on 10 on

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Our guests can comfortably leave the hotel without time limits, but in high season, times are as follows:

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