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Served in the bar area or in the wonderful terraces

The coffee break is a very important moment for the success of a meeting, of a report or the presentation of a product. Not only guests will be able to "recharge their batteries" having more attention to your words, but it will be the time when you will make relationships and you will have a feed back of the event.

The Staff of the Duchi della Rovere Hotel is at your disposal to help organize this moment, preparing for your guests everything they need, sweet or savory, hot or cold, and any kind of drink you would like to serve.

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Suggestion: the experience of our staff will be available free at your disposal to help you for customizing your event!

Close to the sea and the historical center of Senigallia

To enjoy the best experience of stay in Senigallia: Sea, beach, restaurants, clubs and shows: you can walk to everything!
For business or pleasure, you will be in the heart of the city!


Duchi della Rovere Hotel

Convenient, not far from the center of Senigallia and the sea, with garage and ample public parking very close, free bicycle hire service to take you around the city or waterfront. adjacent park with lots of green. Also ideal for those traveling by train: you can reach the hotel on foot!

The 4-star hotel in the center of Senigallia

For vacations, business, events and meetings with catering, rewarded by with 8,3 scores on 10 on

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Our guests can comfortably leave the hotel without time limits, but in high season, times are as follows:

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Dal 30 Marzo 2018 chiamateci... Raffaello!

Ci conoscevate come l'Hotel Duchi della Rovere, il prestigioso hotel 4 stelle di Senigallia che ha accompagnato i vostri soggiorni a Senigallia in tutti questi anni. Dai viaggi di lavoro alle vacanze sulla spiaggia di velluto, siamo ancora il tuo punto di riferimento a Senigallia ma con una nuova identità fatta di novità che arricchiranno il tuo soggiorno. Ti aspettiamo dal 30 Marzo 2018!