9 places you have to visit in Marche region

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9 places you have to visit in Marche region

Places and cities you must put in your travel list, which you cannot miss in a tour in Marche region. It’s going to be a tour among nature, savoury dishes and soothing moments.

The places you absolutely have to visit in this region.


A Top Ten of cities and landscapes which you have to discover in Marche region. You’ll only need comfortable shoes and a camera!

1. Gradara

Gradara it’s a small town from which you can enjoy an amazing view of the hills. This city hosts the “Bosco Fortificato” and the Castle of Gradara, a very romantic castle which speaks about the story of the two Dante’s lovers Paolo and Francesca, who were situated in the “girone” of lust. A very interesting visit inside the ancient walls, some tales and the ancient traditions will take you back in time and will make you appreciate the simpler things.

2. Urbino

Urbino it’s a Ducal city, declared UNESCO human heritage. Surrounded by a lot of green hills, Urbino it’s one of the major destinations for artistic tourism, thanks to its monuments and to the famous works of art. In order to discover and enjoy the culture of the Renaissance you really can’t miss the Palazzo Ducale, (built in order to host great artists such as Luciano Laurana), the birthplace of Raffaello, and “il Duomo di Urbino” (the main church which has been reconstructed after the earthquake in 1789).

3. Corinaldo

Corinaldo has been renamed “The city of the crazy people” by the citizen of the town because of their attitude a little bit out of the ordinary, but surely there’s a strong bond between them and their small town and beautiful traditions. Corinaldo is a very small town located at the top of a hill from which you can enjoy an astonishing view of the hills. Also, the ancient stairs where you can find the famous “Pozzo della Polenta” are definitely wonderful. There’s an old festivity dedicated to “Il Pozzo della Polenta” which takes place in Corinaldo every year at the end of July since ancient times. The cuisine has always had one the major roles according to tradition: cold cuts, typical cheeses, honey and Extravirgin olive oil…so delicious!

4. Genga

Small town in the hinterland of Senigallia, whose characteristics are the natural park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi. Tempio della Valadier and Santa Maria hermitage are also amazing: the temple is situated inside a natural cave and the pleasant sound of the creek will follow you through these amazing experiences. For the adventurers there’s the adventure Park, dedicated to both young and old, completely open air and in the middle of the countryside.

5. Arcevia

Very nice small town on the hills, situated between the mountain chain of Appennini and the sea, Arcevia will benefit your eyes and soul. Perfect for relaxing walks or mountain-bike excursions. Arcevia hosts 9 castles, (every one of those with a special characteristic) and a lot of excellent traditional restaurants.

6. Fabriano

Fabriano is a small town located in the middle of natural beauties, which shares its borders with the Umbria region. Fabriano hosts castles and museums, such as the Museum of paper and watermark, an itinerary from the origin of paper until artisan sales. It’s perfect as stop-over for lunch break, thanks to its Km 0 products, like the tasty Salame di Fabriano and Pasta “al sugo povero”.

7. Osimo

Full of art and culture, Osimo is a typical town of Marche region, very appreciated for being very clean and tidy. It will host the exhibition “Le stanze segrete di Vittorio Sgarbi” at Palazzo Campana. Also, you can’t miss the Grotte Segrete, an underground path of secret caves, dug in ancient times to provide water and food… an unforgettable experience!

8. Recanati

In the middle of Marche region, Recanati is characterized by beautiful glimpses and landscapes from every point of the town: hills, Adriatic Sea coast. Walking around Recanati’s streets, you will notice the verses of La Divina Commedia and Leopardi poetry. A must-see is the house where the great poet Giacomo Leopardi was born.

9. Loreto

A Town full of culture and religion, also thanks to La Basilica della Santa Casa. Loreto is one of the major destination for pilgrimages and religious excursions for the catholic world. A visit to the Basilica, or to “Museo dei Bronzi” and to the famous Madonna Nera will surprise you.

...Last but not least N° 10.

Our town, in the middle of all this! Perfectly located between the sea and the hills, Senigallia is just perfect for your summer holidays, but also beautiful to visit during winter or spring when everything is in blossom. Senigallia is a very tranquil town where you can have a walk along the beach in complete relaxation accompanied by the soft sound of the waves. Or a town in which re-discover a little bit of History thanks to La Rocca Roveresca and the archeological museum. Our beaches have been awarded the double blue flag and the nickname of Velvet Beach, thanks to its soft touch.

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