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At the Spa of the Duchi della Rovere Senigallia Hotel, not only You can relax and take care of yourself but, trusting to our experienced operators, You'll can recive aesthetic treatments and always be ready for the beach.

Massage relieves stored tension, so you can find the right balance between body and mind, it accelerates and normalizes lymphatic circulation , increases the cellular regeneration and tissue or simply you can relax under the skilled hands of our expert masseurs.

Ask more information at the desk and book your massage or treatment.

Decontracting massage

Duration 30'

It 'a massage that works specifically pain caused by contractures and muscle tension. It exerts beneficial in analgesic level, allowing you to release muscular and emotional tensions, thereby leading to a feeling of overall well-being.

Toning massage

Duration 30'

This massage technique is recommended for everyone who wants to firm and tone the muscles and tissues. By using specific maneuvers and toning oils you can be maintained for the physical tone always in perfect shape.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Duration 50'

It accelerates and normalizes the lymphatic circulation, increases cell regeneration and tissue, restoring vigor and well-being to the whole body.

Relax massage

Duration 50'

It's a treatment designed to relieve tension stored in our body, so finding the right balance between body and mind. The desired effect is achieved, on the one hand by stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation and the 'other, relaxing the nervous system.

Lomi Lomi massage (Hawaiian)

Duration 60'

It descends from the ancient Hawaiian tradition. The lomi lomi, also told of 'soul massage, relaxes the muscles and loosens the joints, good for the circulation. It is shown to fight depression and stress giving peace and love to the person treated. Runs with particular movements, the pace is varied and intense way to lose the perception of space and time.

Ayurvedic Shirodhara massage

Duration 50'

It's an holistic practice of Indian origin whose objective is to rebalance the energy imbalances responsible for our mental and physical tensions. Its purpose is to promote through its maneuvers proper circulation of vital fluids to keep body and mind in good health. The Ayurvedic method aims and rebalance the body's energy centers through manual stimulation, producing a sense of well-being throughout the body.

Beauty treatments - Hotel Duchi della Rovere Senigallia

Beauty treatments

Don't be unprepared for the beach or for a romantic dinner. Contact our experts and amaze everyone.


  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Hands semi-permanent nail polish
  • Foot semi-permanent polish
  • Hair removal
  • Facial cleaning
  • Face and body peeling

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Suggestion: Hotel is close to the center and the sea and is very popular. Avoid the risk of no place. Look at the prices and book now!

Close to the sea and the historical center of Senigallia

To enjoy the best experience of stay in Senigallia: Sea, beach, restaurants, clubs and shows: you can walk to everything!
For business or pleasure, you will be in the heart of the city!


Duchi della Rovere Hotel

Convenient, not far from the center of Senigallia and the sea, with garage and ample public parking very close, free bicycle hire service to take you around the city or waterfront. adjacent park with lots of green. Also ideal for those traveling by train: you can reach the hotel on foot!

The 4-star hotel in the center of Senigallia

For vacations, business, events and meetings with catering, rewarded by with 8,3 scores on 10 on

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Ci conoscevate come l'Hotel Duchi della Rovere, il prestigioso hotel 4 stelle di Senigallia che ha accompagnato i vostri soggiorni a Senigallia in tutti questi anni. Dai viaggi di lavoro alle vacanze sulla spiaggia di velluto, siamo ancora il tuo punto di riferimento a Senigallia ma con una nuova identità fatta di novità che arricchiranno il tuo soggiorno. Ti aspettiamo dal 30 Marzo 2018!